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Construction Project – Seeking Bids for Site Expansion!

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December 14th, 2020: The Compost Company is currently seeking bids from qualified contractors for the construction of a new Materials Processing pad.  This new pad shall be a 100’ x 100’ concrete pad, and will include a durable cover constructed with 2 side walls, open endwalls and a roof structure with minimum 20′ eve height and 30′ peak.  Concrete floor pad must be at minimum 6″ reinforced concrete.  All bids should be submitted so that any associated engineering and wall/roof construction work is included in the bid price.   All bidders must be licensed, bonded and insured.  Bidders may bid on all or a portion of the work, but preference will be given to bidders who can perform all the necessary work for job completion.  All bids are required to be submitted by 4:30 PM CDT on January 1, 2021.

We Couldn’t Agree More!!

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It’s good to hear an expert confirm what we already knew….that Compost is an essential part of your soil. We’ve been screaming it from the rooftops for years. For healthy lawns, trees, shrubs and plants, adding humus-rich, nutrient-dense, all-natural compost is the key.


premium screened compost

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