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Why Use Compost

Over time, soils can lose their nutrients due to continuous harvesting. Amending them with nutrient-rich compost returns valuable minerals to depleted soils, restoring their natural health. Besides benefiting the soil and the crops that grow from it, compost also reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, and conserves water and energy for the gardeners, farmers and landscapers who use it. There is also evidence that compost use can help reverse climate change by pulling carbon out of the air.

Benefits of Compost

  • Provides nutrients and minerals
  • Improves soil tilth and structure
  • Enhances biological activity
  • Increases moisture retention
  • Builds humus content
  • Eliminates need for synthetic fertilizers

Our Products

We produce the highest quality organic soil and mulch products for farmers, gardeners and landscapers. All of our products are available in bulk, or bagged to order. Our Premium Screened Compost is now also available at 10 Middle Tennessee Retailers!


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